Turks and Caicos: perfect vacation spot for a supermodel

Turks and Caicos: perfect vacation spot for a supermodel

Kate Upton

When supermodel Kate Upton needed vacation with her fiancé Justin Verlander, they visited Turks and Caicos. Although she wasn’t in front of a battery of professional photographers, she took some time to pose in the ocean in a halter-style bikini.

With her classic cut cobalt swimsuit striking contrast against the turquoise waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands, it surely makes the destination a perfect vacation spot for a supermodel. Of course, Kate’s swimsuit was beautiful. She had to make sure everything in the picture was perfect before she posted it online to her millions of followers. Beach photos always seem to do better on social media platforms, which is probably why she snapped a picture in front of this beautiful beach. When posing for beach photographs, it’s important to consider your outfit. Kate opted for a lovely swimsuit, so perhaps some others would consider looking at the beachwear available from Hermoza. That would look lovely in an Instagram photograph. No matter whether you’re snapping a picture or enjoying your time at the beach, it’s still important to look good at the beach, so make sure to find the best beachwear for you.

Like all vacationers to the islands, the obligatory beach photo was posted to her Instagram feed, netted her more than 200k likes in less than two weeks, something those using a ‘buy IG like‘ service fantasize about. It’s no surprise a picture with a gorgeous backdrop managed to get so many likes! Hundreds, if not thousands, of Instagram users dream of having this many likes on their Instagram posts. Although likes aren’t exactly important, getting them makes users feel happy and as if their post is appreciated by those who’ve liked it. Some users even use Nitreo to boost their followers count so that they can get more likes on their posts. Many users say that Nitreo works for you by boosting your follower count so that your page becomes more popular and has a better chance of getting on the Instagram explore page. Additionally, hashtagging posts with various hashtags can also make posts more popular and increase the chance of getting thousands of likes.

Make sure that you are careful when posting vacation pics, though. If you post your photos whilst you are still away, this is essentially alerting all potential thieves that your property is currently empty and therefore an easy target. With this in mind, it is probably best to post your photos once you have returned home. Also, make sure that your home is covered by home insurance (comparing home insurance quotes is the best way to get the cheapest deal possible) and perhaps ask a neighbour or friend to occasionally open/close the curtains or turn lights on and off. This makes your property look like it is still occupied. The last thing you’d want is to return from a lovely holiday to find your home has been burgled!

With photos like this, it is no wonder why hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to these shores annually including the A-listers. It’s utterly beautiful!

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Kate having fun in the sun!

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