8 beaches that offer solitude in Turks and Caicos

8 beaches that offer solitude in Turks and Caicos

beaches of solitude inturks and caicos

Tourists who visit the Turks and Caicos fly in by the hundreds of thousands each year to relax on the world’s best beach, Gracebay beach. Although lounging around on this little slice of paradise is tranquilizing, many tourists opt for the less popular beaches that offer solitude. Not everyone likes a crowded beach. You may also be interested in doing some whale watching on your travels, although you may want to save it for a trip to San Diego. Many people have documented how wonderful a San Diego whale watching trip is.

Of course, solitude isn’t just solely found in some of the less popular Turks and Caicos beaches, if you’re wanting a vacation that offers privacy and complete solitude for your trip, you may want to look at other locations also, such as this private Turtle Island found in Fiji as just one example of private getaway options available around the globe.

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To help you navigate around the Caicos Islands without having to hop on a plane, we’ve compiled a short list of beaches where you can find solitude with an equally tranquil ambiance as Gracebay.

From Provo to Middle Caicos, and everywhere in between, here are 8 beaches where you can retreat to for a day to find solitude:

1. Mudjin Harbor

Nestled between massive cliffs in Middle Caicos, is the breathtaking Mudjin Harbor. This natural wonder amidst the vast nothingness of Middle Caicos features a rock formation that juts out of the sea creating a waterfalls when the waves crash against it.

Getting to Mudjin Harbor from Providenciales involves a 20-minute boat ride followed by a 30-minute drive. The off island adventure is more that worth the time it takes to get there. A restaurant overlooking the beach offers wonderful views while refreshing yourself.

2. Taylor Bay

Taylor Bay Beach sits on the South side of Providenciales in the Chalksound area. The water here is so shallow, that in periods of low tide, large patches of sand are exposed.

Although the surrounding area is dotted with vacation villas, there is rarely any crowd at this beach.

The main access for Taylor Bay is via Ocean Point Drive and it takes about 25 minutes to get here from the Gracebay area. Parking in this area is very limited.

3. Sapodilla Bay

Sapodilla Bay Beach also sits on the South side of Providenciales in the Chalksound area. It is located in the same general area as Taylor Bay and is a similarly sheltered cove with very shallow water.

The beach is mostly populated by tourists staying in the surrounding vacation villas, but there is rarely any crowd.

Public access for Sapodilla Bay is off the Chalksound Road just past the popular Las Brisas restaurant. A 25 minutes drive from the Gracebay area will get you there. There is lots of parking across the street from the beach access.

4. Long Bay Beach

Long Bay is a three mile stretch of beach on Caicos Bank where the water is very shallow and relatively calm. It is a kite boarder’s haven with thrill seeking surfers flocking mostly on the weekends.

Getting here is a 15-minutes drive from Gracebay. There are several access points, but my favorite is the one next to Shore Club.

5. Leeward Beach

Tucked away in the northeast end of Providenciales, Leeward beach can be reached by walking continuously east from where Grace Bay beach ends.

Compared to Grace Bay Beach, Leeward beach is very quiet, owing to the lack of resorts in the area. The beach is generally frequented by tourists who rent vacation villas in the area.

6. Malcolm’s Road Beach

Malcolm’s Road beach is located in a remote area to the west coast of Providenciales. It is just over a mile long and very scenic with rough and rugged features. Relative to other beaches on Providenciales, this beach is more exposed to the ocean swells.

Depending on the condition of the unpaved road that leads to this beach, it can take between 30-40 minutes from the Gracebay area. Chances are that you will be the only one on the beach when you get there.

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7. Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is a sand bar which sits between Little Water Cay and Water Cay. It was formed following a storm and grew over time. This pristine strip of beach is just under a mile long with light vegetation.

Half Moon Bay is a popular spot for private island getaways, and boat cruises. Occasionally, people kayak to this beach from Providenciales.

The north side of the strip is referred to as Half Moon Bay, but the south side has a sheltered lagoon with shallow crystal clear water.

8. Horse Stable Beach

A 20-minutes boat ride from Providenciales gets you to North Caicos where a quiet long stretch of beach on the north coast known as Horse Stable awaits you. When you visit this beach, you are almost always alone.

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