The ultimate tropical escape wedding

The ultimate tropical escape wedding


They wanted to escape the heat of Arizona, but where they ended up was cooler than expected. Jonathan and Kaylie eloped to the Turks and Caicos Islands last October for their destination wedding where Keisha and her team at Destination TCI planned and managed the event.

With no previous visit the islands, the couple opted for a wedding location miles away from the tourism mecca, Providenciales, and its award winning Grace Bay beach. Populated with of less than 1000 people, Middle Caicos got the nod for their ultimate tropical escape wedding.

Middle Caicos is home to the scenic Mudjin Harbor where limestone bluffs meets the Atlantic Ocean. Amid the natural beauty are arches that form the symbolic entry to a new life as man and wife.

As a lover of the environment, the bride was awe struck upon her arrival at Mudjin Harbor and commented that the wedding location atop the bluffs was just as she pictured it for the momentous occasion.

The Turks and Caicos Islands is a popular destination for escape weddings, but the untamed Middle Caicos offers an unmatched landscape for those who dare. Traveling from Providenciales, it is a 20 minute boat ride to North Caicos followed by a 30 minute road trip.

Middle Caicos is also known for its large above-ground caves in the Caribbean, the dwelling place of the Lucayan Indians who inhabited the islands centuries ago.

Photo credit: Jon Nickson

Middle Caicos destination wedding

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